Monday, May 31, 2010

1000 Gifts: 79 to 99

I constantly wonder how serious/frequent bloggers do it. Is it streamlined and routine when you don't have to search your brain for reminders of how to use the most basic functions? Do they just need less sleep? Have a hired cleaning lady, perhaps? I don't know, but it takes me forever just to get this list posted.

But worth every moment it is.

79. The hope of paint color samples lying on the counter.

80. 80s sitcoms--finally, good clean TV.

81. Hands outreached, faces raised, bubbles twirling.

82. A safe place to shed tears.

83. The Lighthouse.

84. When God speaks in unique ways, just to my heart.

85. Friends to walk this journey with.

86. Freedom, ever widening, from generational snares.

87. New transplants, yet wilted but soon to blossom.

88. First farmer's tan of the season.

89. Big sister, little sister.

90. Way too many bodies in the too tiny pool.

 (Hey, look at me, all fancy, adding pictures to my post! I may just "get there" yet...)

91. Water balloon confetti in the grass.

92. Running, chasing, laughing, squirting--a "yes mom" moment.

93. Stretch marks (definitely no pictures on this one!)

94. First "big pool" day of the summer.

95. Clicking of bike gears down the driveway.

96. Filling the biggest booth, just us.

97. Famers' voices carrying in the wind.

98. Last day of school.

99. Hope. One day at a time.

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