Monday, May 3, 2010

1000 Gifts: 11 to 34

So last week's list never made it to the computer, and this week's list is slim, so I'm combining the two now that I'm finally getting around to posting. Honestly, there are some things feeling so heavy that seeing beyond them to the things, big and small, worthy of gratitude is a challenge. Part of me says that itis just wrong to be in such a place if I have any faith at all, but part of me knows that it is too real not to admit.

For that reason it seems that much more important that I continue with this discipline, to do all I can to direct my focus to what is true and learn, little by little to live in this truth Ann Voskamp shared today, perhaps just for me:

"You only know how to give thanks always when you know how to give thanks anyway."

11. Grass stained knees on jeans and the energetic laughter born in creating them.

12. Stain stick, though it seems less than holy, but at the same time miraculous.

13. New words and sentences flowing quick and mumbled behind the security of the paci.

14. Water that runs freely over muddy trail from feet played hard.

15. Shirts stained with many sweet things enjoyed.

16. Gapping baby teeth and a nose pinched tight into a mischievous toddler grin.

17. Email

18. Always just enough.

19. Gurgles and splashes as bath toys meet their purpose and carpet spots wet.

20. A sister who always feels like "home," no matter how long since the visit.

21. Reminders that messy is part of the journey, necessary even.

22. When size 7 1/2 is all that's left and it fits.

23. Fresh reminders of old joys buried under the busy.

24. Teachers whose passion for the Word is contagious.

25. Jesus is coming!

26. Hugs unrequested from adolescent arms.

27. Unruly ringlets bouncing.

28. Sisters, big and small, cuddling with a bedtime book.

29. Clean carpet.

30. Kind shoulders to share the load, and a heart willing to share her own burden.

31. Generous customer service who has blessed us 2x over.

32. A fun night with my teenage boy, still willing to smile at corny jokes and evidently not-so-subtle attempts to draw him out.

33. A new bright plaid shirt under the newly tanned face.

34. Giving thanks anyway because of Truth.

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