Monday, May 10, 2010

1000 Gifts: 35 to 48

I admit that I didn't stay mindful of gratitude this week. I so easily get busy living, moving, doing, and just don't see things. So this very practice is one thing that I am grateful for today:

35.  Faithful believers encouraging and creating accountability even across the internet.

36.  Hard rains that didn't come.

37.  Chains that have been broken.

38.  The hope that all chains one day will be gone.

39.  Friends that know so well yet stay close.

40.  Gradually letting go of the measuring up.

41.  Difficult conversations being truly heard.

42.  Sparkling grape juice fizz.

43.  Juice moustaches.

44.  Fat bellied babies.

45.  Youthful legs completing the race red-faced.

46.  That grin.

47.  Questions that come and come and come.

48.  Kids who are grateful for me.

holy experience