Thursday, July 29, 2010

1000 Gifts: 113 to 125

I kept putting off this post with the intention of adding photos. When will I learn? So here it is, still without pictures, just as it was Sunday night when I could've posted it on time!

113. Best efforts and broken records - 17.34 seconds!

114. When transformation is noticed

115. Father-son outings

116. Fish sandwiches at McDonald's with a homeless man

117. Hope-giving conversations

118. A mattress that doesn't wiggle

119. Worship with no inhibitions

120. Clear days on the calendar (I've listed this before. One of my very favorite things!)

121. Water parks and roller coasters

122. Dragonflies

123. A phone call from a friend on her own birthday

124. Anticipation of a day of revival for my soul

125. Sisters and hope

holy experience

Monday, July 19, 2010

1000 Gifts: 100 to 112...

When I began my list of 1000 Gifts, Ann sent me a sweet "welcome" e-mail and suggested that I might consider putting a timeframe on making 1000 choices to live with gratitude... a goal to spur me on as I'd shared with her I was struggling to be consistent in recording my blessings. Being the perfectionist with a fear of failure that I evidently still am aware of the unpredictability of life from week to week, I chose not to set a deadline. I've been discouraged by unmet unrealistic personal goals far too many times and didn't want to go there this time. Bad choice.

So, once again, I'm back, choosing to smile at the ever-present but seldom-noticed beauty around me:

100. Dragonflies, hope, and the promise of victory.

101. The mystery of prayer.

102. The hum of the little one as she drifts off to sleep.

103. Sweaty red-cheeked kids rushing in after dusk for a cold drink.

104. Weeping together when the load is heavy.

105. Good manners once in a while.

106. Fifteen dollars worth of inflatable fun.

107. Cousin-friends.

 108. Spending time with the our favorite Haitians.

109. Sweet corn.

110. Flyswatters.

111. Our Rescuer.

112. Morning. His mercies are new.
holy experience