Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

I came across a blog called 4 little men and girly twins that introduced a "Random Picture Challenge." She picks a month and a number, and you pull up that photo from your files and describe it. (I know veteran bloggers know all about this kind of stuff, but I'm new, so humor me as I learn!) Sounds like a fun way to make sure I transfer pictures from my camera and even edit one now and then ('cuz remember, I don't take time to make them look professional.)

Not sure how this girl finds the time to do this regularly with 6 kids, but it could have something to do with the fact that she appears to be a professional photographer, and with 6 young kids, I'm sure there's no shortage of pictures to choose from! Plus, I guess we all choose how to spend our time; I choose to look at her photos instead of editing mine!

Anyway, here's January 2009, 8th picture in the folder:

I'm thinking that I may just have revealed a little of my own pride, because I was so glad when I discovered that the random photo was actually a pretty good one. I think I might have deleted some photos out of the folder if it had been a photo of the back of her head or something like that. Perhaps a true photographer would embrace the beauty of the candid shot if it captured real life, but personally, I'd kind of like to show off my cute Babe!

Anyway, I took this photo to document Tori's first bath in the big bath tub, even though she's 8 months old and she'd had dozens of them by the time I snapped this; I just never remembered to bring the camera upstairs with me and couldn't exactly leave her in the tub alone to go get it! It also serves as a reminder of the fun bath toy Grandpa and Grandma N gave her for Christmas.

Isn't she sweet?

And here are a few more sweet faces I love from January 2008, 8th photo:

We had tons of snow and countless snow days last year, so this was taken on a Tuesday when the kids entertained themselves outdoors. They built a whole snow family, but I think this is "Big Mama." They posed with her in my honor (go visit Big Mama to see why this isn't an insult!)