Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Picture Challenge 4.0

So, maybe my journaling blog is going to become a photo posting blog instead since it seems that's the majority of what you see here so far. It takes a lot less time to post a picture than to organize my thoughts into readable form! But, as fun as it is to sift back through some of these photos, it isn't feeding the part of my soul that I need it to, so more boring and excessively wordy reflective posts will be coming.

Remember how in my first Random Picture Challenge post I commented that I'd had to face up to my pride over what type of picture I'd land on in this "random" thing? Well, I'm thinking maybe I'm not the the only one. 4 Little Men, who hosts these challenges, explained that some people were wondering what the "challenge" was. Her answer is, "The challenging part is being honest... not skipping over a picture because it's not perfect, or embarrassing. The funnier the better right! This is real life... let's see it!"

So here you have it, September 2007, 44th picture (The challenge actually is for November 2007, but I must have had a dry spell in photo taking while I was pregnant with Tori because I was spending every possible moment napping. My folders jump from September to December that year, so I went with September as to avoid what would like be a Christmas photo in December.):

Ah, yes, the Barnum and Bailey $11 souvenir cotton-candy-in-a-cheap-hat hat! After this photo, Caleb and I traded; I wore the hat and he took the picture. Let's just say I'm extremely thankful the random photo was #44 and not #45! This was the night we realized how sensitive Ethan is to our conversations about money because he repeatedly offered to not get a souvenir if we couldn't afford it. Yikes... better watch what we talk about in front of that boy!