Monday, April 27, 2009

New Background

Not super crazy about this one, either, but it's always nice to make a change, especially when I know it's temporary.

I just wonder how all the serious bloggers out there find time to create and update their own backgrounds when I feel a little guilty about even taking time to upload a new free background that someone else predesigned when my unfolded laundry is sitting there staring at me.

On a more serious subject, we had a wonderful church service again yesterday. As Ethan and I were talking about church later in the day, I was really struck by how blessed we are to have such a vibrant and obedience-inspiring church. Sundays are the day that grounds me every week, and if I didn't have that foundation to recenter me, it would be even harder to stay focused on Jesus.

I'm thankful again today for the prayer ministers and how they share their gifts each week. Yesterday we prayed about hearing from the Lord, believing what He has told me and denying the lie of Satan that I don't hear the Lord's voice, and having a "deafness" to the distractions of the world. Great encouragement as I try to reenter a more purposeful season of "being" in the Lord after a few months of much "doing."

Anyway...Check back later because the exciting photo collage I promised in the last post will be coming in the next day or two!