Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't Waste It

I've been realizing anew just how silly--no, that's not nearly a strong enough word--how absolutely ridiculous the things in this world I focus on really are.

This weekend as I've meditated on God the Father's amazing gift to us, He's reminded me that He gave us Jesus out of an unfathomable, unquenchable LOVE for us. For me.

And Jesus..... there simply are no words to thank Him. Nothing but my tears and a heart broken by the ways I fail Him, yet at the same time nearly bursting with longing to be more like Him. He loves us so much.

Even as I write those words, I realize I don't know even a fraction of how deep that love really is. I can't form sentences with enough depth of meaning to encompass who He is and what He's done, let alone grasp it with my weak, distracted mind. So some days, many days, I don't really act like someone who is completely and unconditionally loved. And even more, most of the time I don't give complete and unconditional love, even to those I love the most. What a waste.

But Jesus told us He came to make all things new. I don't have to go on wasting moments and days. He offers a fresh start every morning, and the blood that He shed redeems all things when we love and seek Him. That's all I know to do.

I love you, Jesus. Your sacrifice and your love are beyond description. Would you penetrate my heart afresh every morning with the reality of your gift. Help me not to waste this....