Monday, February 28, 2011

1000 Gifts: 185 to 201

185. Friends who spur me to remember gratitude.
186. A humming dryer.
187. Mounds of clean clothes.
188. The splash of arms and legs making their way across the pool.
189. Advil and Sudafed.
190. Seeing the man who, less than a week ago, they said might not make it. Alive and healing.
191. Six in a room together.
192. A likable coach.
193. Trying hard, even when you're the underdog.
195. Sunshine and a muddy road.
196. Quiet moments and the sister who helps make them happen.
197. Sacred echoes.
198. Talks in the bleachers, one on one.
199. Red vines.
200. Running water.
201. Toddler imagination.
holy experience