Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1000 Gifts: 158 to 170

Honestly, today I don't feel much like speaking gratitude. Life feels heavy, difficult, confusing. But these days are, I suppose, when it's most crucial to choose to give thanks anyway.

158. This face, ornery, nestled in my lap.
159. The sweet smell of toddler sweat.

160. A nap with actual sleeping, two days in a row!

161. Finally cooking a real meal again.

162. Newborn babies.

163. The desire to change.

164. Sunshine.

165. Three dollar shoes.

166. Wild Cherry Pepsi.

167. A dishwasher, strange squeals and all.

168. Our faithful bus driver.

169. Choosing to speak thanks.

170. Always a chance to try again.

holy experience